Keeping ourselves accountable



We value diversity of opinions immensely. For many of our programs, we are guided by the advice and opinions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion teams inside out organization and out.

We have a long journey of education and hard work ahead of us to create a more inclusive world, but we’re dedicated to making it a reality.


Amplify the voices of Black, Indigenous, and all people of colour and increase their representation in the wine world.


Raising Voices

We’ve partnered with Vinequity to help ensure that people who identify as BIPOC are given equitable treatment and access to opportunity to grow and thrive in the Canadian wine industry.

We’re also doing more to help diversify the ranks of the wine industry, especially in leadership roles. To achieve this much-needed goal, we’re collaborating on a scholarship program that will provide marginalized communities with access to high quality wine education and support.


Support diverse Canadian creators


Featured Artists You Should Know

We’ve always been proud of the work we’ve done to support Canadian music. But now we’re doing more to help support artists and musicians from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

Local Artist Series

The Local Artist series was created to use our privilege to amplify the voices and talents of recording artists, musicians, and bands from underrepresented communities across Canada.

We’re working with incredible artists from coast-to-coast to introduce Jackson-Triggs wine lovers to their music. From specialty bottles, to features online, we’re sharing our platforms to help raise theirs.

Check out some of the latest Local Artist Series artists now and help support rising Canadian talent.

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Featured Creators

We’ve created the Artists You Should Know program to share incredible artists who will be hosting galleries at the Niagara Estate winery. We’re dedicating the Great Hall to these galleries so that Canadian artists from historically underrepresented communities can share and sell their work with all our visitors.

If you’d like the chance to be featured in our Artists You Should Know series, tag us in a post with your art on Instagram with #JTArtCall.

Maia Faddoul

Maia Faddoul has passion for bright and colourful imagery. Her work often illustrates messages of intersectional feminism, empowerment, social justice, and her experience growing up with an immigrant background. She currently works out of her Montreal studio.

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Andrew Jackson 

Andrew Jackson’s work explores the themes of selfhood, representation, and narration within intimate and personal interventions. He is co-founder and co-director of ReFramed, a British-based arts organization designed to create opportunities for racialized communities to engage with the visual arts.

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Kellen Hatanaka 

Kellen Hatanaka is an artist from Toronto, Canada. His vibrant, figurative work is centered around heritage, tradition, identity and representation. He was awarded the Governor General’s award in 2016 along with Jon-Erik Lappano for their book, “Tokyo Digs a Garden.”

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Representation and building welcoming safe spaces.


Proudly supporting safe spaces

Every Canadian, especially those in underserved and underrepresented communities, deserves to feel welcome, included, and supported. We are privileged to support 2SLGTBQ+ charities by donating $75,000 to provide resources, support, and safe spaces across the country.

Representation Matters

For too long we haven’t represented all the people who enjoy our wine. We’re committed to ensuring more diversity within our own content and marketing campaigns. From the talent on screen to the people behind the camera, we know we need to do more to bring everyone to the table. We also built a library of wine GIFs, so that everyone who enjoys wine can see themselves reflected in online culture. You can find our GIPHY page here.